Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Self-Portrait with Two Angels, 2008

What a refreshing change of pace: no mysterious, indecipherable, calligraphic squiggles; no undulating, glowing ribbons; no hazy, aquarium-like landscapes; no sign of what might be bioluminescent medusa & not a trace of blurry, vertigo-inducing, slightly hallucinatory nocturnal architecture whizzing by at break-neck speed. Well alright, fewer than usual but look… It's my blurry, slightly hallucinatory, yet still recognizable hand & two illuminated angels hanging from the lamp posts behind the car. I know the angels might appear to be amorphous blobs of light but trust me…

In person, those members of the adoring celestial multitude were just as unrecognizable.

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bran said...

i like how this turned out